Queersay is the new social forum from the Hearsay team in Amsterdam & London

IT is built on a growing need and want for something different, something that gives people a voice. It has been created to serve the community in a way that allows all who attend to truly be part of the discussion, to participate in the dialogue creating a true social forum. Bringing together the The Local LGBTQ+ community and their allies like never before.

It was born out of the apparent need for a safe place to come together and talk about issues that are important and relevant to the community now.

We won’t just hear from the leaders in the community but the community itself. We offer the chance to break down the walls and allow the audience to be heard openly - no judgement just Queersay.


So how Does a Queersay Event work?

Part 1


The Doors Open And Drinks And Snacks Are Available. 


Part 1 Of Hearsay Begins

A Lecture Of 3 Individual Talks Run By Our Moderator For The Evening. 




Part 2


Part 2 Of Hearsay Begins

The Second Half Sees Us Begin The Open Fish Bowl Section Of The Event. 

In An Open Fishbowl, Any Member Of The Audience At Any Time Can Occupy The Empty Chair And Join The Conversation

When This Happens An Existing Member Of The Fishbowl Must Voluntarily Leave The Circle And Free Up A Chair. 

The Discussion Continues With Participants Frequently Entering And Leaving The Fishbowl. 


Our Moderator Wraps The Fishbowl And We End The Discussion With Drinks Available.


Venue Closes