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QUEERSAY is a social forum in Amsterdam for the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. 

It is built on a growing need and want for something different, something that gives people a voice. It has been created to serve the community. It allows all who attend to truly be part of the discussion, to participate in the dialogue. Bringing together the local LGBTQ+ community and their allies like never before.

We Create The Space
You Create The Conversation

We don’t just hear from the leaders in the community but the community itself. We offer the chance to break down the walls and allow the audience to be heard openly - no judgement just Queersay.




The Event

We created a 2 part evening that runs 4 times a year. Choosing one subject for the year, we bring in people who are leaders, educators, specialists and activists to discuss their version of the subject. 


Part 1

3 speakers. 15 minutes each. 1 subject


Part 2

The fishbowl begins with questions set by the speakers. 


The Fishbowl


The fishbowl is the heart of Queersay. 

Fishbowl: Centrally there are 4 seats surrounded by the audience. The speakers start the discussion always keeping one seat free for a member of the audience to take and participate. As one enters another leaves always keeping the 4th seat free for someone to join - creating a continuous flow of people - ensuring there is always a seat at the table for anyone. 

The speakers pre-set questions that are used to create the narrative throughout.