Queersay the new social forum launching in Amsterdam!

Queersay is built on a growing need and because of something different, something that gives people a voice. It has been created to serve the community in a way that allows everyone to participate in the dialogue, creating a true social forum.

Bringing together the Local LGBTQ + community and their allies like never before. Queersay was born out of the obvious need to talk about issues that are important and relevant to the community now.

We will not just hear from the community leaders but the community itself. We offer the chance to  openly - no judgment just Queersay.


At a time where the community is more visible than ever. In an era where everyone is enabled to an opinion is all Visibility good? So in this time where the mainstream media and corporations seem to be openly accepting the LGBTq+ community does the idea of what is needed to be explored and what does this mean, subcultures are diluting.

We do not only want to go to the public, but we have to create and share the personal stories of the community rainbow.

We have a very special moderator, three incredible speakers lined up and you will have your opinion in the Queersay Fishbowl.




Jon Haywood
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Jon Haywood is a Choice Engineer at Philips Design.

With a career in strategic ad planning spanning nearly 20 years he’s lived and worked around the world creating campaigns that illustrate the benefit to brands of creating more positive human experiences with their consumers.

When he’s not being all behavioural, his other passion is photography and he’s currently working on his first exhibition concept; “Life’s a Drag”. It’s photographic documentary that showcases the diversity of drag performance around the world and the benefit the drag community delivers to the immediate LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

With a very literal photographic take on “Visibility” Jon will take you behind the lens and let you see visibility through his eyes.

@jonhaywooduk on instagram

Joseph@72x (1).png

Joseph Kearney
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After leaving the family home in 1999 to live and study in Dublin, I took up a long term relationship with education and training. My first third level course was a diploma in performance arts, I went on to complete a bachelor in drama and have two masters to my name, the first in drama as therapy and the second in journalism. I always managed to work alongside studying and began writing professionally as a cafe and restaurant ‘secret’ reviewer for The Dubliner, I went on to review theatre for Le Cool and to write a gay column for Totally Dublin Magazine. During my work study years I had a stint as a radio journalist following a political campaign in Ireland. At another point in my career I presented and produced a number of TV shows, from the aptly named 'JoeBloggs' to ‘GayOK’. There was a period of my professional life where I dallied with improv theatre and indeed stand up comedy.

Since relocating to the Netherlands I have built up a network of gay fiends, colleagues and contacts that have revolutionised my life personally and professionally. I did a little more training and picked up a teachers qualification and will begin teaching later this month in Breda and Den Bosch. I am currently the Social Media Officer for ROMEO (PLANETROMEO) and when not researching and writing the blog, I am busy maintaining the Instagram, Facebook and twitter accounts for the company.

Outside of ROMEO, I volunteer for a sexual health project, “No More C’, I develop concepts for film scripts and even practice writing them with a close friend here in Amsterdam, and I do a frightening amount of yoga.

I’m very much looking forward to talking at Queersay, I attended the Pride visibility one and was moved beyond words.

Also I’m 36 and more or less single. FYI


Sanne Bols
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Personal storytelling flows through her veins and is reflected in all her work as a D&I expert. In everything she does, she aims to make space for differences.

She is a public speaker, writer, and trainer with which she tries to make the workspace a bit more inclusive.

But most of all she enjoys her self-developed LGBTour: a queer tour through the pink heart of Amsterdam with which she meets LGBT+’s and allies from all over the world.

Previously she won the LGBT innovation price and worked as a co-developer on L'HBTQ magazine.

LGBTour Airbnb: If you want to join an LGBTour, click here

Website: www.sannepols.nl Instagram: @lgbtour_amsterdam @sanne_pols

Facebook: @sanne.pols.9


Lady Galore
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Lady Galore was created for Gay Pride 2009 in Amsterdam. After that she was unstoppable. She started out making her own outfits, practising make-up and making appearances to various party’s throughout the first year.

Throwing her own party’s, photo-shoots and uploading YouTube video’s were the next step. After only 2 years she has been strutting her stuff on a international level. Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, Madrid, Antwerp, Cologne, Belfast, Glasgow, Stockholm…. the sky is the limit.

She started up several events like the “right to feel safe” protest in 2010 and the annual Drag Queens United event. Taboo’s fabulous cocktail wednesday’s, Gay high tea’s, and conceptualized Fancy Friday wich is happening every friday at Queers Bar.

The last years her hair has been created and perfected by John Gravemaker, the hair guru of the “girls”. And her outfits are usually made by Hahn & Roberts.

She acted in 2 films, 3 documentaries. Worked with amazingly talented photographers, Artists and beautiful people. In 2012 she organised a gay pride boat for Drag Queens United. And again in August 2013 This year (2017) Drag Queens United will have their third boat in the national gay parade.

For 4 years every Sunday she organised, hosted, presented and performed at her own event called “Lady Galore’s drag night” But after 208 shows it was time to step up her game and she’s went on to bigger things like hosting her own stage: ‘This is how we drag Galore’ at europe’s biggest gay festival called Milkshake Festival. and in 2016 she produced 2 major lipdub video’s with in the last one: 100 dragqueens. And they went viral. Since than Lady Galore’s been travelling the world. performing in every major city in europe and making new plans for the future.

Titles: Amsterdam gaypride ambassador, awarded with the award for her contribution to the gay community in the Netherlands: Het Roze Lieverdje.

skills: Host / presenter / organizer /performer / influencer / DRAG QUEEN

She has lots of dreams, aspirations and hopes that she gets to travel even more, meet great people and hold her friends close. I want to thank all the people who have been a positive influence in my life. Thanks for the support, love and good energy!!

Let’s make more GLAMOUR!

Love Sander (a.k.a. Lady Galore)