Queersay the new social forum launching in Amsterdam & London!

Queersay is built on a growing need and because of something different, something that gives people a voice. It has been created to serve the community in a way that allows everyone to participate in the dialogue, creating a true social forum.

Bringing together the Local LGBTQ + community and their allies like never before. Queersay was born out of the obvious need to talk about issues that are important and relevant to the community now.

We will not just hear from the community leaders but the community itself. We offer the chance to  openly - no judgment just Queersay.


At a time where the community is more visible than ever. In an era where everyone is enabled to an opinion is all Visibility good? So in this time where the mainstream media and corporations seem to be openly accepting the LGBTQ + community does the idea of what is needed to be explored and what does this mean, subcultures are diluting.

We do not only want to go to the public, but we have to create and share the personal stories of the community rainbow.

We have a very special moderator three incredible speakers lined up and you will have your opinion in the Queersay Fishbowl.





Phyll Opoku-Gyimah
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Executive Director and Co-Founder of UK Black Pride Phyll (she/her) is the nucleus of the award-winning celebration and protest that is UK Black Pride.

Widely known as Lady Phyll – partly due to her decision to reject an MBE in the New Year’s Honours’ list to protest Britain’s role in formulating anti-LGBT penal codes across its empire – she is a senior official at the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) trade union as the Head of Equality & Learning, as well as a community builder and organiser; a Stonewall Trustee; Diva Magazine columnist, and public speaker focusing on ‘race, gender sexuality and class’ intersectionality. Phyll has been nominated for and won numerous accolades including the European Diversity Awards Campaigner of the Year in 2017, she is also in the top 10 on World Pride Power list.

Phyll is also the co-editor and author of the ‘Sista’ Anthology, writing by and about same gender loving women of African Caribbean descent with a UK connection.

Phyll is a working class, family-orientated Ghanaian woman who understands the Twi and Fanti languages which connect her to a rich African cultural heritage that advocates for unity and equality. She also prides herself on being a passionate activist who commits to working diligently to make people aware of on-going inequalities and injustices facing the Black LGBT+ community. She has worked tirelessly to build up UK Black Pride by bringing together artists, activists, volunteers and supporters from across the LGBT+ community. Phyll supports Paris Black Pride and ensures UK Black Pride is part of the International Federation of Black Prides around the world.

Phyll cites her maxim as a quotation from Maya Angelou: ‘prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible’


Asifa Lahore
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Asifa Lahore is Britain’s first out Muslim drag queen, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be LGBT+ and Muslim.

Asifa's journey into the spotlight has been a deeply personal one through which she discovered her transgender identity and continues being a voice for intersectional Britain.


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Dave Cross
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Dave Cross is a journalist, club promotor, DJ, record producer and ex major record company marking executive.

Dave is Head Writer at Boyz magazine, where he has been since 2011, working with venues and performers in all areas of the LGBT+ bar and club scene including venue owners, managers, promotors, DJs and performers.

He is on the committee of Drag Idol, the nationwide cabaret talent contest and has been involved as a judge for six years. He has promoted club nights at major venues and DJ’d at all of London’s biggest gay venues.

For nearly 15 year he worked in the music industry as a marketing executive including time at EMI, Island and London Records. This year he has had two articles published in Attitude Magazine, both concerned with LGBT+ Characters in popular culture.